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4th generation intuitive, witch + mystic, brand + influence builder


Hi! I’m Erika Santos-Couto, BFA, MA, but you can call me Eri. :]

I am at least the 4th generation in my family (great great aunt, grandmother, and mom) of gifted intuitive and I have badassery flowing in my veins from even before that. One of my great-great-grandmothers rallied all the ladies in our island town in the Açores to block the passage of food to the mainland in order to feed the starving people.

I’ve always been obsessed with two things: The magickal and the material. I love Ancient Egypt and in my spare time read translations of old magickal texts; I’ve been hooked since we learned about Ancient Egypt in the 5th grade. That’s also when I cast my first spell and quietly and secretly practiced for many years before coming out into the open. I’ve always been enamored with fashion, architecture, and art. I used to watch Fashion TV on Saturdays with my parents as I ate shrimp and dreamed about what it would be like to not be poor.

The internet truly changed my life - as a teenager, it allowed me to connect to strangers around the world who were as into Harry Potter as I was (and fifteen years later, I’m still friends with some of them), and it also established a strong foundation for what I’m doing now. A scene kid at heart, I connected with the Scene Queens, some of the OG influencers, and began offering to design and revamp their profiles so more people could find them.

This led to offers to lead digital initiatives for some fledgling bands who jumped ship as Myspace stopped being cool. I worked with artists who have gone on to win The Voice and win a Grammy award.

By the time I was a university student, I knew how to build up an audience and had moved to Tumblr, where I developed a following of 250k and helped grow the accounts of some of the biggest celebrities on the planet and be their go-between for fan campaigns.

Soon, university called and I had to put my “hobbies” to the side and instead, I focused on my degree in Art History + Film Studies, where I quickly realized that I was far more interested in the brands and messaging for artists, periods, and projects than I was in any of the actual art. Even though I was a broke bitch, I got to travel to the Arctic, Europe, and around North America. I also started my own (now defunct) blog, Erika is Little, where I worked with brands like PIOL Dress, Derma E, Clean and Clear, H+M, Forever 21, PMD Microderm, E-Shakti, Michael Todd Organics, and Bioderma on campaigns.

It was shortly before I graduated from my BFA that my life took a downturn; my grandmother passed away unexpectedly and because I had to keep my grades up, I didn’t have time to grieve. My girlfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me and got engaged to someone else 6 months later. Grad school was tough. Things got dark and I had a failed attempt to end my life; I needed that experience to lead me into the light.

Searching for purpose beyond just hustling in grad school, I started on my spiritual quest and it came to a head in Paris as I walked by a chapel that I’d dreamt about for years, but always assumed it was fictional. I started digging and refining my skills as an intuitive, discovered many of the modalities I use today, and became more and more enthralled by all things “woo.”

When I opened my business in 2015 while waiting for a hip replacement and being partially bedridden, I never expected to go from a PhD student to a digital empire with the most incredible clients, press mentions in over 40 places, and multiple six-figure revenue. Having my own business allowed me to finally start to manifest the life that I’d been dreaming about for years - time freedom, financial freedom, flying in first class, staying in five star hotels, designer digs.

I became obsessed with not only my own growth but also helping women everywhere who have a passion for the magickal and the material to build iconic personal brands and further their connection to themselves and to source. If you love a good designer handbag, jetsetting on a whim, any and everything woo - with a practicalish perspective, and cultivating fame through your personal brand, you’re 100% in the right place.

Welcome home :)