Erica Gwynn

“I 5x’ed my monthly income working with Erika.

I’ve had so many more companies fully willing to pay me my rate and want more than one deal. I even got a pitch from STARBUCKS (OMG).

I have more opportunities because of the work we did together.

I’m just living in my worth and I feel amazing for it because it’s helping people – can’t thank you enough!”

– Erica Gwynn, Lifestyle Influencer

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Erika Ashleyone
Rachel Spencer

Erika knows exactly what’s going to work for you. signed two clients within days of appearing in Teen Vogue, Hello Giggles, Allure, and Refinery29. Being featured in SELF Magazine alongside Ashley Graham and other body positive influencers was so exciting! The PR changed my reputation.

I quit my job and two months later had my first five-figure month, and I would not have been able to do that without her.

YOU are the best thing that’s ever happened to my biz! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.

Rachel Spencer, Instagram Expert + Body Positive Influencer

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Erika Ashleyone
Taylor Manning

“I filled my high-end mastermind – $24k in sales. I had an $11k day. I made $12k in a week with an offer for my group program.

I hosted my first event and booked (paid) speaking engagement!

Erika helped me in getting clear about what I am meant to do.

If you’re thinking about working with Erika, do it. She brings something super unique to the table that can seriously change everything for you.”

Taylor Manning, Intuitive Business Strategist

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Erika Ashleytwo
Kierra Jones

“I signed my first $10k client, and had my first $20k cash month because of our work together!

Erika is the realness. She’ll tell it like it is, and ask questions that help me get to the right answer vs giving me answers.

I had another coach at the same time and the level of push was completely different. Erika was so much more helpful.

Erika pushes you to massively uplevel! She helps you show up in your business in a much bigger way, and take action to make your goals happen.

Kierra Jones, The Shine Strategist™

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Erika Ashleyone
Christiana Hill

“I had my first 10k month and then 15k month, but I still wasn’t happy. Erika straight called me out and said ‘you’re not doing what you’re meant to be doing.’

It was the most impactful moment of coaching in my life because I was not only looking at someone who was telling me that I could build a business and be successful in the area that I wanted to be successful in, but was also able to give me the strategy and the PR to be able to make that happen.”

Christiana Hill, Bravery Coach

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Erika Ashleytwo
Shamia Casiano

“I got featured on EVERY SINGLE SITE I submitted my photos to.

Most recently, Creative Market featured one of my products on their blog and I was featured in the print edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine! I am forever grateful to Erika. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Shamia Casiano, Brand + Lifestyle Photographer

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Erika Ashleytwo
Jenny Suneson

“When I was working with Erika, I signed 10 new clients in 45 days and hit record months in my business. I left my sessions with Erika feeling more confident and convinced that I could make my business work.

If you want to see results, work with Erika.”

Jenny Suneson, Lifestyle Influencer + Social Media Manager

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Erika Ashleyone
Jessica Forrest Baldini

“Every time I implement something I learned from Erika, I see results – people booking in for discovery sessions, getting new clients.

Erika helped me have a major breakthrough around my personal story and my relationship with money.

Any time you spend with Erika is worth 10x the investment!!!

Jessica Forrest-Baldini, Business Coach

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Erika Ashleytwo
Dani Driusso

“You literally changed my life!

The work that we did together opened me up to the whole world of energy work.

I’m now doing what I want to being doing, asking for what I desire, and doing epic shit that feels AMAZING.

Thanks Erika!!”

Daniele Driusso, Voice + Business Coach

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Erika Ashleyone