Helping women cultivate their inner magick to build thriving businesses

Let’s build you a brand that is a total reflection of who you are, calls in money like cray, and catapults you to authority status in your industry.

I currently work with clients in two distinct ways. If you’re not sure which container will be a best fit for you, just shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll be happy to chat with you about it.

Here’s how this rolls out:

  • Decide on which container feels right for you

  • Fill out the application form/get on the waitlist

  • If you’re a right fit, my team will contact you to book your enrolment appointment and give you the transformation assessment to fill out.

  • You and I will get on the phone, I’ll make sure we vibe and I’ll take your payment on the phone.

Note: If I get on the phone with you, I expect you to know already that I’m the mentor for you and show up with credit card in hand ready to make your first/full payment. I say no far more than I say yes, because it’s a pain in the ass for me to accept a client who isn’t a right fit… so if we get to the enrolment phase, it’s because I know you have what it takes to succeed.

I don’t work with people who are new in their industry. To work together, you must be:

  • Making a minimum of $3k per month CASH in your business

  • Already be working with clients/brands

  • Ready to experience a massive uplevel… quickly.

  • Desire a lifestyle of luxury, on your own terms. I don’t care if luxury to you means an apartment with a bigger tub and clothes from Forever 21 or a closet full of couture and five-star luxury retreats.

Please note that the monthly investment for 1:1 support ranges from $2000 to $4500 USD per month, and luxury weekends are $10k USD. If you are not prepared to invest at this level at this time, please do not apply.


The Experiences

Lap of Luxury

A 2-day VIP luxury intensive in Toronto, NYC, or Miami for women who want a clear, sustainable path to accelerating their income growth, building an iconic brand, and smashing through the subconscious bullshit that’s holding them back from greatness… with luxury touches to access your upleveled frequency NOW.


Metaphysicelle Mastermind

A 12-month luxe mastermind experience for women of budding influence who are making at least $100k in their business per year. Combining brand strategy, 1:1 coaching, deep soul work, and luxurious retreat experiences, this experience is designed to catapult you to $500k+ without working yourself to death.

The Application

In order to ensure that I only work with the best clients who are truly committed to their results - ones who have a clear vision for their transformation and the luxury they want to create, the application has three phases:

  1. The initial questionnaire. This helps my team figure out if you’re a right fit to work together or not.

  2. The transformation assessment. This is a detailed set of journalling prompts meant to take you on a deep journey into your own life and business. You must fill out and send back the answers no later than 24 hours before your appointment.

  3. The assessment call. This is where you talk to me personally - a lot of people at this level have sales teams, but I’m extremely particular about who I let into my energy and want to be sure that if we’ll be spending any time together that we resonate. It’ll be a loooong container otherwise. :]