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in a fully
12 month

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That influencer empire you want to build…

You know, the one that…

  • You think about all the time

  • Makes you those consistent $50k+ months and that half a million dollar year

  • Gets you all the recognition

  • Makes you destined for books, talks, and media appearances galore

  • Grows your audience like wildfire

  • Lets you travel the world

  • Is "Instagram-worthy"

You can have it... and more.

And you've already been doing amazing, sweetie.


  • Signing clients or selling courses or working with brands

  • Making at least 8k/month in your business consistently

  • Gaining some solid traction

But you're also:

  • Plateauing in your income

  • Not growing as fast as you want to be

  • Showing people 1/100th of who you are

  • Wondering how you go from a business that kinda works to BAM MEGASTAR INFLUENCER

  • Only partially fulfilled - you want to fully LOVE what you do and you want the world to know your name, damn it!

Spoiler alert: your frustrations aren't going to magically go away.

They’re relentless and persistent and yes, even a little annoyingly in your face all the time....

Because you know you're meant for more.

More opportunities.

More income.

More living the kind of lifestyle you see on Instagram... that hasn't come to you yet.

Good news: You don’t have to keep feeling that way. I was there and I crossed that barrier, and now I help my clients do the same. It’s time for you to join them.

Introducing the metaphysicelle mastermind

a 12-month transformational mastermind experience designed to help you completely transform your brand, position you as an industry authority, and build your life of luxury

you'll morph into a ceo who is fully in charge of their income,has the life they've dreamed about, and gets recognized for the shining star that they are.


I’m Eri Santos-Couto, certified success and influence coach, modern mystic, and ass kicker. I'm known as a coach who gets her clients results... because I understand how to build a successful, influential brand by leveraging the internet. 

I was first paid as a Myspace layout designer in 2005, but I've been building and engaging with online communities since the late 1990s. I've helped bands and celebrities rise to prominence, built a community of over 250k on Tumblr, built a thriving multiple six-figure business, spoken on the TEDx stage, and gotten clients featured in the biggest media outlets in the world - including O Magazine, The Today Show, Forbes, Refinery29, Teen Vogue, Nylon, etc.

My clients have 3x’ed, 10x’ed, and 30x’ed their monthly revenue within 90 days of working with me, and that’s not an accident. I combine cutting-edge strategy with my years of working with celebrities, influencers, and corporations to build powerful brands that are sustainable and create the luxury lifestyle you’re looking for.


What clients have to say about working with me:


  • Effortlessly making money while you’re out having dinner with friends or boarding an airplane so you don’t have to hustle for those $50k+ months

  • Having a business that you completely and totally love, with the most amazing clients and customers

  • Having a community that practically builds itself so you don’t have to chase down people or struggle with algorithms like your income depends on it

  • Getting an e-mail inviting you to be a featured (paid) speaker at a conference so you can share your message with a new audience

  • Sending that pitch for your first TEDx talk so that you can grow your visibility to new heights and share your message on one of the most prolific stages on the planet.

  • Writing your book proposal so that you can send it to agents and have them pitch it to major publishing houses

  • Waking up to news that your story is going to be featured by a new podcast or publication with someone that you’ve looked up to as an inspiration.

  • Connecting with people around the world who resonate with your message and look up to you as a leader in your space so that you can start to change lives and truly have the global impact that you desire

That’s all possible for you.

there are three tiers to this program.
All of them include:

  • 26 x 2-hr business and brand-building group calls (2 per month)

  • 12 x energy and subconscious healing calls or in-person sessions (12 over the course of the year)

  • Quarterly guest expert tailored to the group’s needs

  • Access to all of my group programs, courses, and shop products

  • Slack messaging channel exclusively for mastermind members

  • Weekly review of marketing materials

  • 2 luxury retreats to be held in Palm Springs and Miami

  • 2 mini branding photoshoots

  • 1:1 time

the three tierS

TIER 1 (4 spots available)

  • Includes all of the above

  • Quarterly 45 minute 1:1 calls with me to strategize your business

TIER 2 (2 spots available)

  • Includes all of the above

  • 8 x 45-minute 1:1 calls to be used throughout the year

  • An additional group retreat in Hawaii only for women at tier 2 and 3 (4 women total)

  • Mini photoshoot in Hawaii

  • Quarterly luxury gifts tailored to you and your business

TIER 3 (2 spots available)

  • Includes all of the above

  • 2 x 45-minute 1:1 calls with me per month

  • Voxer access M-F

  • Priority review of marketing materials

  • An additional group retreat in Hawaii only for women at tier 2 + 3 (4 women total)

  • Mini-photoshoot in Hawaii

  • 1 solo 3-day retreat with me following the Palm Springs, Hawaii, or Miami retreat (first come first serve for locations)

  • Quarterly luxury gifts tailored to you and your business

The Retreats


Palm Springs
(June 2018)

(October 2018)


(January 2019)

This is an exclusive, invitation only program. You must apply to the program to be accepted, as I only work with clients that I am certain can get results and are at the right place in their business for this accelerator. The monthly investment is between $2000USD-$4500USD. Do not apply if you are not willing or able to make this investment on the phone.


How much support do I get with this program?

Exactly what’s indicated above. Your tier will determine how much 1:1 time you get with me, but this is currently the only way to get access to me 1:1 outside of my VIP weekends - you have a direct line to me for any questions, mindset issues, etc. This is a fully immersive container that is customized to you and what you need.

I don’t have an online presence and I haven’t signed any clients yet. Is this program right for me?

Short answer: No. You must be making at least six figures in your business.

What separates you from other coaches?

I asked my clients to answer this for me, and here were some of the highlights: I get to know my clients extremely well and I am invested in your success. I’m quick to tell you if I think you’re moving in the wrong direction, and I don't sugar coat things. My experience comes from the real world and not just from coaching other coaches to become coaches. I’ve created the experiences for myself and been able to replicate those results for my clients.

I have to talk to my partner about investing.

I appreciate that! However, please remember that you are an individual with agency over your own finances and if you need to speak to your partner, please do it before we get on our call.

You’ve hit my bottom! *le gasp* My clients all have one thing in common - all of them have a gut feeling that they need to book a call with me.

If you’ve read this and you don’t even at least have a whisper that this is the program for you, then it probably isn’t right for you.

However, if you know in your heart that you’re ready for this, then I invite you to click the button below and fill out your application!